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Solterra Dentistry
Phoenix, AZ
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Client Background

Located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, this dental practice is a great example of what can happen when you allow Dentalflow Marketing to rebrand and redefine your practice's digital presence in a short amount of time. Transforming a dated digital presence into a conversion machine.

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Solterra Dentistry Data After 60 Days

Solterra Dentistry's Growth In Only Two Months

One of our favorite case studies, not only because of the remarkable quick growth we were able to achieve but in the competitive market it is located in. Generating new patients quickly is always a challenge when starting a practice from scratch, and the relatively instant interest and growth we were able to achieve at Solterra Dentistry is what makes it one of our favorite case studies.

Solterra Dentistry's New Website
Solterra Dentistry's New Website

Rebranding & New Website

When we were approached by Solterra Dentistry they had a dated name and no form of social media, meaning we had a blank canvas, to begin with. Luckily, we knew that Dr. Manov and Dr. Gubernick were top-tier dentists, meaning as long as we could drive new patients, they would be able to convert them into lifelong patients. The first stage was rebranding their practice, they wanted to do away with LM Family Dentistry and transition to a more modern name Solterra Dentistry. We quickly got to work, developing a new logo and creating social media accounts on every platform. The results were a stunning, modern website that reflects the practice's new direction.

  • New logo, website domain, and branding while maintaining previous reviews and growth
  • refreshed their outdated website with a mobile-friendly, high-speed website
  • utilized website to target local SEO and compete in their local market (80% of patients come from a 5-mile radius)
  • Custom photos and videos to boost social media and website assets
Solterra Dentistry's New Digital Look!
Solterra Dentistry's New Digital Look!

Social Media & SEO Strategy

Whenever we approach developing a social media client with no prior experience in the space it is important to develop a strategy. With Solterra Dentistry, we know we have a great group of people from the front office to the back of the house and wanted to really accentuate that in their social media and digital presence profile. We discovered when laying out the 6-month plan for Solterra Dentistry's social media and search optimization strategy that they have a very loyal patient base and we wanted to leverage those super fans and curate content for them. That's why we began posting 2-3 times a week with fully custom posts on social media and 2-3 blog posts a month on their website.

  • Targeted local demographic on Facebook and Instagram to compete quickly
  • Boosted their google my business page organically resulting in more than 30 new leads
  • 4000+ impressions within the first 3 weeks of organic social media posting
  • Began SEO Strategy by Beginning with local SEO by identifying local competitors and attacking their keyword rankings
Solterra Dentistry PPC Data After 60 Days
Solterra Dentistry PPC Data After 60 Days

Omni-channel advertising

Located in a competitive market, Phoenix, Arizona, we knew that part of our overall strategy would have to be aggressive in order to overcome our competitors. Ideally, we don't want our clients to feel like they have to advertise, however in order to boost our rebranded practice's presence we launched a digital and physical advertising campaign in the heart of Phoenix.

  • Facebook and Google PPC advertisements campaigns with low budgets to target local markets
  • Rebranded signs at the street corner to provide curb presence in the neighborhood
  • Sent out postcard mailers in coordination with a local printing and mailing agency
  • Tracked the effectiveness of advertising campaigns with call tracking


While there is still a long way to go for Solterra Dentistry in terms of their digital marketing journey, the first few months of marketing were an undeniable success. Looking forward we are heavily pursuing SEO rankings to help the practice acquire patients organically. Digital advertising has proven effective but in order to provide Solterra with the best framework going forward we will continue to bring up their organic rankings.

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