Client Background

Kingman Family Dentistry is a beautiful dental practice located in Kingman, AZ. For those unfamiliar with Kingman, Arizona, it is a relatively small town found along the historical Route 66 Interstate almost directly in between Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

With a population of around 30,000 full-time residents and a relatively older demographic, our team at Dentalflow Marketing was excited to explore how digital marketing would perform in a market that we weren't accustomed to in our local market.


  • Increase Overall New Patients At Unrivaled Return On Investment
  • Rebrand The Practice To Reflect New Ownership
  • Rank On First Page Of Google For Major Search Keywords
  • Consistent Brand Message Across The Digital Landscape


  • New Logo, Website & Branding
  • Create Photo & Video Content To Use Across The Web
  • SEO Campaign
  • Google Search Ads
  • Facebook Retargeting Ads
  • Social Media Management
  • Review Gathering & Reputation Management


New Logo, Website & Branding

Before working with Dentalflow Marketing, Kingman Family Dentistry lacked an authentic brand identity and modern website. We quickly changed that, launching a new website within weeks to help the practice stand out from all of its competitors. The new website was set up from launch to rank high on Google for local dentistry search keywords. Check out the new responsive website design below!

mockup of kingman family dentistry website
Kingman Family Dentistry's New Responsive Dental Website Design 

Photo & Video Content

Dr. Lindsay and his team were excellent in front of the camera and allowed our team to capture the essence of their practice with world-class photos and videos. See our example below!

SEO Campaign

All of Dentalflow Marketing's websites are set up to rank towards the top from the get-go but even our expert team was surprised with just how quickly Kingman Family Dentistry's brand new website and the domain name was able to climb the rankings.

Kingman Family Dentistry was located in a dentist saturated market which usually makes it difficult to quickly rank for high-value keywords on Google. Our team of dental experts got to work right away creating meaningful backlinks and leveraging the already optimized website to quickly move to the top of the first page of Google for plenty of key terms.

Screenshot of analytics
Google Search results for "Dentist Kingman". Kingman Family Dentistry is now #1 on Google Maps, Google Search and their Google Ad pops up first! 

Google Search Ads

Kingman Family Dentistry was an excellent candidate for Google Ads due to their enticing new patient offer of a $49 Cleaning, Exam & X-Ray. We were able to leverage this and our consistently optimizing Google Advertising system to acquire new patients for less than $30 on average

Example Google Ad for Kingman Family Dentistry
Example Google Ad for Kingman Family Dentistry

Facebook Retargeting

Retargeting via social media platforms is an excellent way to remind potential patients about your practice and unique value proposition. For Kingman Family Dentistry, we have seen an incredible return on investment attracting new patients via retargeting at less than $50 per patient! We always advise retargeting ads to help capture website visitors who didn't become patients when starting digital advertising.

screenshot of facebook ads
Kingman Family Dentistry Facebook Retargeting Ad

Social Media Management

Our full-service social media services are great for dental practices like Kingman Family Dentistry that doesn't have time or the desire, to take photos in the office. We have a team of graphic design experts that curate on-brand content for Kingman Family Dentistry.

Screenshot of analytics
Kingman Family Dentistry's Instagram Feed

Review Gathering & Reputation Management

Kingman Family Dentistry was starting a new brand from scratch and unfortunately had very few reviews, to begin with. That's where Dentalflow Marketing came in with our Reputation Management services. We integrated with the Practice Management Software to send out automated review reminder texts after appointments and quickly got Kingman Family Dentistry from under 10 reviews to over 100 reviews in a few months!

Kingman Family Dentistry's Google Reviews
Kingman Family Dentistry's Google Reviews


Bottom-Line Results

At Dentalflow Marketing, our promise to you as a practice owner is to make all of these marketing metrics and tactics easy to digest. We created custom metrics that help you understand what all of these marketing streams are doing for your practice's bottom line and how many new patients you're getting from these channels.

The outcome of our full-service dental marketing growth plan brought Kingman Family Dentistry's yearly new patient numbers from 428 to 1032 new patients, with a whopping 181 new patients coming from Google Ads alone!

You can see in the image below how their performance in February of 2022 compares to February 2021 (the first month we began collecting data for Kingman Family Dentistry). They are now acquiring nearly four times the number of new patients per month with an about four times better Total ROI (Return On Investment).

Kingman Family Dentistry Metrics in February 2022 Compared to February 2021
Kingman Family Dentistry Metrics in February 2022 Compared to February 2021

Looking Forward

As we move forward with Kingman Family Dentistry, our team couldn't be more excited to see this practice's heights. We have expanded advertising to include more print advertising and continue to optimize their digital marketing strategy.

Our number one priority with all of our clients is to find new marketing opportunities and optimize current marketing strategies to help them acquire patients as cost-effectively as possible.

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